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Sonar Gold Plug

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The new model of audio power cable SoundCable CUХX developed as alternative to popular SoundCable CUХ7.

In the first instance has been successfully solved the problem to eliminate the main drawback of its predecessor - excessive mechanical rigidity.
Thus, despite the external similarity,has been completely modified design, geometry and materials of the conductors of the model SoundCable CUХX, and I also used the shielding here, that led to a fundamentally different character of sound.

New SoundCable CUХX has an even frequency balance, natural timbres, excellent resolution, excellent scene building, transparency and separation of instruments. New model of a power cable SoundCable CUХX recommended at first for signal sources such as Phono stages, DACs, CD players and pre-amplifiers.

To achieve the best contact to the cable design I applied qualitative connectors with a cryogenic treatment at the temperature of -192 F of SONARQUEST.

I Offer 4 versions of contacts coating for Euro-Schuko plugs: gold, rhodium, platinum and silver.
Under the order is possible to install American standard NEMA plugs, as well as more powerful hardware connectors IEC C-19, rated current up to 20 Amps.

The recommended length is 8 ft., but under specially order is possible to manufacture another length.

We offer a standard cable of CU•X by price :

length price
6 foot $420
6,5 foot $480
8 foot $620

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