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SoundCable Power cable Cu6

SoundCable Power cable Cu6

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Sonar Gold Plug

Sonar Gold Plug

Sonar Gold Plug

Sonar Gold Plug

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Renewed superior power cable AG•5s it is expensive, but it sounds just great.
It is made of silver solid wire with cross-section 5 sq.mm.

For sound qualities cable of major importance is the origin of the metal guide.
For the model AG•5s I'm buying abroad silver wire jewelry quality, smelted from pure ore to the degree of treatment 999.
Because of high expenses for materials for power cable AG•5s, I make this model exclusively on the prepaid basis.

One of the key features of the power cable AG•5s consists in the fact that he not only delivers to audio equipment supply mains voltage without losses, but also saves the energy of its electric and magnetic fields.
With this purpose, I use the isolation of my specially design, manufactured manually.

To achieve the best contact to the cable design I applied qualitative connectors with a cryogenic treatment at the temperature of -192 F of SONARQUEST.

Typically coating of connectors for SoundCable Ag-5s is silver, but I offer another 3 versions of the cover contacts the Euro-Schuko plugs: gold, rhodium and platinum.
Under the order is possible to install American standard NEMA plugs, as well as more powerful hardware connectors IEC C-19, rated current up to 20 Amps.

Because in design of cable AG•5s applied solid wires with large cross-section, then, unfortunately, the reverse side of this technology is its substantial rigidity.
In this connection, to facilitate switching in practice, and because of the dependence of the sound characteristics of the length of the cable, I don't do it less than 6 ft.

The recommended length is 8 ft.

The NEW COVID`s cost of the standard cable AG•5s is :

length price (USD)
6 foot $1.250
6.2 foot $1.320
6.5 foot $1.390
7 foot $1.460
7.5 foot $1.600
8 foot $1.670

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