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Thank you for your interest to hand-made power cables for your audio components of my production.

At the moment I can offer three variants of audio power cables :
- this is a two models SoundCable CU•7 and SoundCable CU•X, which uses a specially selected old solid copper wire,
- and uncompromising model AG•5s, where conductors make from pure silver 999.

All our products are made by me manually with only one purpose - to reveal and maximum convey to the listener the musicality, energy and emotional component that is present in the recording.

With this objective in the design of the network cable there is not no one compromises from the number of those, who are forced to make eminent brands, producing the power wires on an industrial market.

As a result I was able to create a remarkable audio performance power cable for high quality audio equipment, which is not only competing with the best branded power cables, but also objectively surpasses much them.

The first thing which attracts the attention of buyers, it is a deep and structured bass, and a significant increase in the scale and striking images, the depth of the scene, a better division of tools, melody and overall value (here I quote my customers), and so on.
However, in my opinion, all these characteristics - it is only the partial case. More importantly, my cable brings to the listener music holistically, retains its emotional component, but not emphasizes the individual sounds.

The manually production are one of the most important advantages of these power cables.
My principled position is not to put them on a conveyer and not to allow marketers intrude to the delicate things audio.

My cable is a real “hand made”, a very hard to produce, which leads to its high cost.

With respect,
Dmitry Proskurin